Photographs taken as summer began. All abstract art was derived from these images. 


Cold and warm fronts have swept through my area of Idaho and influenced the growth of the plants and flowers. The Blooming Tree has lost it's leaves, the Red Tree has now turned vibrantly pink, like a cherry blossom tree, and it's leaves have also begun to fall off. As summer emerges the flowers seem [...]

In this episode of Your Thoughts Podcast Tyler Beck and co-host Brandie Lane talk with Chance about his opinion of the trans community as a trans person, sexual orientation and the language that revolves around it, the Art Institute of Phoenix, and racial tensions. There is a lot of great content in here so be sure to watch the whole thing! You can find Chance's Youtube page here: To find other episodes of Your Thoughts Podcast check out our website: For more videos like this check out our Youtube: