Aggregate Perspective is offering services for hire. Graphic Design, Photography, Audio and Video, and Music. Email Aggregate Perspective for inquiries and we'll work out a price that works for you! In this episode of Your Thoughts Podcast Tyler Beck is joined by Darren Schaefer of The Cooper Vortex and new co-host Harley Hirsch to discuss the DB Cooper story, theories, and we end with an important discussion on the democratization of media. Check out The Cooper Vortex Podcast: Learn about DB Cooper here: [...] In this episode of Your Thoughts Podcast Tyler Beck and Jesse Martinez talk to Presidential Candidate, and Author of Taming The Tida, Sharmin Eslynne Smith on her Democratic bid for the 2020 presidency. We cover topics like Sharmin's perspective on the history of our system, uniting the country against pedophelia, climate change, the legalization [...] In this special episode of the podcast Tyler Beck has on journalist Logan Lowery-Rasmussen and former dispensary worker/comedian Randy Rice to discuss the medicinal benefits of cannabis, practical applications, and current state of Arizona's medical cannabis industry. Logan's website: Randy's Social: Twitter: Instagram: out our website here: http://www.yourthoughtspodcast.comSupport us through Patreon: [...]