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“Do you know who you need to talk to?” I asked. We walked aimlessly until we found a door that had the title “financial services” and waited outside for the meeting that was ensuing inside to finish. “I guess we can wait here,” Brandie said. A taller man with a beard came out and said, “are you guys looking to talk to financial services? We can go into my office.” He led us a bit further down into the faculty department and into his office and then shut the door. “So what can I help you with?” he asked. “Yea, um…so I was attending the Art Institute of Phoenix before they closed and transferred to the Art Institute of Seattle, doing online classes, and the courses that were available to me online ran out. I was wondering what my schedule looked like next quarter?”  Brandie asked. The guy looked a bit surprised. “Let me just check here,” he said, typing on his computer. “I’m not seeing you aren’t an active student here at Seattle...” he trailed off. “What, why would that be?!” Brandie said. “It’s likely because you haven’t officially started here at Seattle and we currently aren’t accepting transfer students or new enrollments,” he said a little confused about all of this. There apparently was an email sent out that Brandie hadn’t received since she hadn’t officially started on the Seattle campus. Our hearts sank...we had seen this all before.