Pets: 3 New Photos of Floyd The Cat

Floyd got in trouble recently. You can't keep this cat contained so he decided he wanted to go on an adventure. For a whole day we had no idea where he wandered off too and our intention has been to maintain a inside/outside yard cat lifestyle. He's never been allowed to stay outside for long... Continue Reading →

Pets: 3 New Cat Photos!

Here are 3 new cat photos! 2 more photos of Floyd have been included and i'd like to introduce my other cat, Mittens. To view the other photos in this series check out Pets in the Photography section of my website. 

Pets: 3 New Cat Photos

Here are 3 new images of my cat Floyd. Floyd loves going outside and relaxing in the grass. He looks majestic in the sunlight and is very photogenic. To see the full series of pet photos featuring Floyd click here.


I'm starting a new photo series called Pets. This will include 3 animal friends: Floyd, Mittens, and Scrappy and later expand into an additional friend and potentially other people's pets. Please like, comment, and share! 

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