Revelation – Your Thoughts Podcast Clip

Let's do it! It's religion with Ryan pt. 3 kids, and we are gonna teach you how ridiculous the apocalypse really is...or was...or will be?

Your Thoughts Podcast Ep. 20-20 Predictions From The Past

In this episode of Your Thoughts Podcast Tyler Beck and Ryan discussed, back in October of 2020, the potential outcomes and predictions for 2021 with the over arching themes of Covid, Social Unrest, and the Presidential Election bringing us into the new year. We get some things wrong and we have some healthy disagreement but it was fascinating having this discussion and seeing the outcome of our thoughts as history continues to unfold.

2020 Election Result Predictions – Your Thoughts Podcast Clips

2020 Election Result Predictions - Your Thoughts Podcast Clips

Philosophy and History of Art – Your Thoughts Podcast Clips

In this clip from of Your Thoughts Podcast episode 19, The Thing About That With Steven Allison, Tyler Beck and Jesse Martinez talk with painter, comedian, and long time friend Steven Allison about philosophy and history in art.

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